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obd antitheft wegfahrsperre technik

Since 1996 it is mandatory for cars with gasoline engine to support an OBD II interface in the car cabin, § 1968 California Air Resources Board (CARB).
The globally standardized OBD interface allows vehicle specific data transfer, and programming of control units of the vehicle. Thieves use this interface to manipulate electronic immobilizers. They hack the immobilizer code within seconds, and start the engine. For illustration purposes, we feature the video of how a DriveBox deactivates immobilizers, and renders theft possible.  

OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System inhibits manipulation of immobilizers.

Our competitors switch some cables of the original OBD connector. Modern DriveBoxes recognize the reversal, and correct them immediately. Unfortunately, this only takes a few seconds longer.

We customize and code the OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System to your vehicle. Therefore, each OBD Protection kit is unique, and only fits to your vehicle and VIN. Thus guaranteeing maximum security, and inhibiting replication of the system interface.

Connecting a DriveBox or any other device to steal your vehicle is impossible. To have your engine checked, bring the coded interface to your garage.

Copying of the OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System configuration needs the personalized code card.

The OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System is the ultimate immobilizer, and is compatible with any car alarm system.

For further information regarding the development of the technology, please see here


OBD - Anti Theft Immobilizer

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