OBD Anti Theft

obd antitheft obd

OBD Anti-Theft is the advancement of our OBD II Protect Kit, and sets a new milestone in immobilizer technology. The OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System is Made in Germany, and protected by a utility patent.

Our OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System provides more safety for your vehicle.

The OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System inhibits manipulation of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Theft using a “DriveBox Multipick” or any other immobilizer blocker is impossible. .


We explicitly disavow from the content of this video.
Our intention is to show that there are interfaces in the market, making keyless car theft easy.
The OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System inhibits any theft attempt as shown in this video.

OBD - Anti Theft Immobilizer

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