The Competitos

aobd antitheft mitbewerber

Many try to copy our products and systems, but it is unmatched! Here is why:

Some competitors disconnect vital pins with a switch. Nice idea, but one can find the switch.

Others sell small locks to block the access to the OBD interface. Too bad the online shops selling such solutions offer a replacement key fitting for any lock, which thieves can buy, too.

New solutions extent the OBD interface, and put the OBD connector somewhere else in the car. The problem with this procedure is that the original OBD connector is always close to the initial location, due to the length of the wiring harness. The extension of the original OBD connector does not protect the vehicle from being stolen via bypassing the electronic immobilizer; it just takes a few more minutes.

This is why only the original ODB Anti-Theft System works:

  • We change the whole wiring harness, incl. connector.
  • The interface is customized to your vehicle on site, and only you receive the interface, for reading/ writing data.
  • No chance of manipulating any parameter of your vehicle.
  • Marketing via internet is impossible.
  • The new interface fits only to YOUR vehicle. When connecting to your vehicle, you have full access, and no hassle with OEM warranty.

OBD Anti-Theft is the best protection from manipulation of the on-board electronics, and theft.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, and to schedule the installation with one of our Service Partners.

OBD - Anti Theft Immobilizer

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