Why OBD Protection ?

Premium car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche, and Volkswagen trust in Keyless Go and Engine Start features. They install this technology, because it is convenient, and should make life easier. Unfortunately, this does not mean stealing cars is obsolete, but thieves go high-tech. Keyless features even facilitate car theft, and premium vehicles are increasingly the target.

Keyless Go systems do not need conventional key with a metal bit. Instead, a radio signal sends a command to the vehicle, opens the locks, and starts the engine. Thieves find clever keyless solutions to bypass electronic locking systems (see video on the next page).

Bitter truth about vehicle thefts:


Source: www.ons.gov.uk

Source: www.thecarpeople.co.uk

Source: www.thecarpeople.co.uk

The OBD Anti-Theft Immobilizer System is the ultimate protection from keyless theft, and other unintended, electronic intrusions.
Every day our general distributor in the UK installs the OBD Anti-Theft immobilizer system in popular cars such as BMW X-Series, VW T5 Multivan, Land Rovers, and Range Rovers.

Here you can find latest pictures from our workshop, and updates.

OBD - Anti Theft Immobilizer

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